Our Services

ELEXTILE is offering consulting and training services in the field of textile electronic, also called wearable electronics.

Working many years in the portable consumer electronic business and the textile and garment industry, places ELEXTILE in a unique position of having acquired knowhow and experiences in wearable technology research and development as well as market analysis and industrialization structures.

Seeing the huge potential of textile electronic in many different business and product areas we decided to share our knowhow with interested companies rather than trying to select one or two of the many high potential areas that would be interesting to build up our own business.

By offering our experience and insights to interested companies we believe to make best use of our knowledge about this emerging technology and it's market potential, enabling diverse companies to penetrate the market from many different sides, something a single company would not be able to do.

We are confident about the uniques of our service and high value we have to offer and strongly believe by working with leading companies and brands in the different areas in which textile electronic can enrich current product lines or open new segments of high value products, will lead to a win-win situation between us and our clients.

ELEXTILE is independent from any component and material producing company in the field of textile electronic. But we do have contact to most of these companies as it places us in a position to select for a specific client project the best solution out of the available materials and technologies.

Our strategy is to advise clients the best solutions for a certain design based on available materials. We do not intend to re-invent what has already been done and proved successful.

In cases where no suitable component or material is available we are open to investigate and invest into our own development, even carrying this development up to production and offer these materials to the client as exclusive material/component or add it to our future material portfolio.

Our Services