Our Portfolio

During our consulting services we realized, in some cases, that components and materials we think would be most suitable for electronic textile projects under consideration by our clients, are not yet available.

To bridge this technological gap we decided to add another line of business to our portfolio, to develop and even produce such new materials and components. We study the technical feasibility of a new component, make a time and risk assessment and validate the development effort to see if the development and industrialization is in line with our strategy.

If the result of our assessment is positive we will carry out the development and industrialization of a component or material and offer it either on exclusivity basis for a set period of time to the client who initiated this development or we place it immediately into our material library portfolio.

In addition to 'as needed' developments we constantly scan the market of textile electronic technologies and whenever we see areas where critical elements of textile electronic components and materials are missing we selectively will expand our portfolio by developing 'ready to use' materials.

Together with our partners specialized in electronic, fiber, yarn and textile processing we have a strong network in place that allows us to quickly evaluate our developments under production environment condition.

The active engagement in our own development and production capability, a recent addition to our portfolio, has been initiated based on the experience we gained during our consulting activity where we encountered great opportunities for our clients if certain materials would be available.

Adding new textile electronic materials 'as needed' has opened us new opportunities but even more so expanded our clients business perspectives as they are able to offer unique products, product functionality nobody else is able to bring to the market right now.

If you are searching for textile electronic components or materials please get in touch with us via our Contact page and check with us if we have a solution for your current design problem. We might already working on something that could be a perfect fit to our design.