Mr.Erich Zainzinger

ELEXTILE™ has been established in 2009 with the aim to support companies who consider adding wearable technologies to their current product range or companies that plan to enter the market of technology enhanced clothing.

Our consultancy knowhow portfolio is based on the experience of Erich Zainzinger who has been involved for many years in the development of portable electronic devices like MP3 player and cellphones for Philips Electronics. Between 2001 to 2008 he was then fully dedicated to Wearable Electronic development for the same company, investigating the technological possibilities, business perspectives and industrialization of wearable technologies and it's applications.

First hand experience while designing with both elements of wearable technologies, the textile and the electronic industry place Erich into the unique position of seeing and understanding the challenges and the opportunities when combining textiles and electronics.

Besides his involvement in the development of wearable technologies and product applications like the light emitting textile of Philips Lumalive®, he is also the founder and Editor of the highly recognized Weblog talk2myShirt which is dedicated to wearable electronics, covering aspects like research, conceptional designs and commercialized products in the field of technology enhanced clothing and accessories.

talk2myShirt is further enriching Erich's knowledge network, giving ample of opportunities to meet and know many people active in wearable technology development and design.

ELEXTILE™ has established partnerships with experts in yarn development and fabric weaving as well as selected manufacturer which are capable of providing textile production processing knowhow.

ELEXTILE™ is first and foremost a consulting company serving clients who either like to know more in-depth about the potential of wearable technologies for their respective business or to draw on ELEXTILE's experience for product application development.

Recently we added to our portfolio our own wearable technology development including volume production for specialized wearable electronic components and materials.

This addition to our consulting activity serves as added service value to our future clients as we develop optimized and specialized components or technologies which are not yet available in the market.