Wearable Technology

Wearable technologies in our context are defined as electrically active materials, components and techniques optimized for the integration into textiles and garments. Work on wearable technologies can be traced back to the mid 90s based on the pioneering work at MIT Media Lab and picked up by Philips Electronics for product design and commercialization assesement.

Since these early days, wearable technology development gained tremendous momentum, inspired Research Institutes, Technologists and Designers. Although wearable technologies do clearly show the the opportunities to create added functionality to clothing or other textile based products, only a few companies made the step to commercialization on a larger scale.

The development, the product application and the production of 'textile electronic' is a very new, unregulated and unexplored field with little expertise and experience available to assist business owner and investors in the assessment of wearable technology based products for their businesses.

ELEXTILE™ offers a mix of unique expertise in the field of textile electronic technologies ranging from market assessments for specific areas to the support during the development and industrialization of technology enhanced textiles and clothing.

Let us serve you as your partner who is as interested as you to develop the next 'killer application' based on textile electronic.